Cvent and the New Zealand Events Association (NZEA) are partnering up to give you the perfect 2020 event vision.

Join us on Thursday, the 27th of February, to hear a breakdown of the top 7 event trends of 2020 already emerging. However, before going forward, we’re going back 20 years to understand the major consumer innovations and moments that have indirectly shaped the events industry to what it is today. Register to understand what this year’s trends mean for your event strategy and how your events measure against our global survey.

In this webinar, you’ll discover –

  • The breakdown of 7 major event trends for 2020 and our take on how technology is facilitating them.
  • How historical moments in the last 20 years have changed the event industry.
  • Current tools and tech can help you create successful events in the long run.
  • Current state of the events industry

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