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Location, location, location. It’s the rule of thumb when deciding on a home AND the destination and venue for a perfect event. Central to the success of any event is the space it’s in. But with a world full of options, how do you find the combination of destination, venue and experience that will help you achieve your event goals?

Before you begin to think about choosing a destination and sourcing a hotel, it’s important to align the purpose of the event with the experience you want for your attendees. This webinar is full of best practices about how to make sure your event space aligns with the type of event you’re planning.

You’ll get actionable best practices & tips about:

  • What attendees want and how the event space & destination impacts their experience.
  • What to do (and not do) to choose a crowd-pleasing venue that also works for the planning team.
  • How to develop a positive relationship with your target venues so that you get the perfect space for your event.

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