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4 Easy Steps to Creating a User-Friendly Event Website

It’s about more than good looks

A well-designed website doesn’t happen by accident. Using the web design process in this webinar, you’ll walk away able to plan, organize, and execute a successful website. While it’s easy to see websites as the fonts, colors, and pictures on the page, there are many more layers that come into play in order to create a stunning user experience.


Your event website is about more than just look and feel. It has to be easy to navigate, have all the information you need, and present your event to attendees in a way that will make them register for your event.

In this webinar, we’ll go over:

  • Setting a goal for your website
  • Building a sitemap
  • Creating wireframes
  • Defining a style guide

Featured Presenter

Joe Skiados

George Bartz

Marketing UX Lead

My name is George Bartz, and I'm a designer & front-end developer living in Vienna, VA. My favorite thing about being a designer is the constant learning and creating. Every project requires learning about a new concept, product, or industry. Every project has its own purpose and audience. As a designer, it is my job to understand the project needs and produce the best product possible. When I'm not designing, I enjoy playing music, going to concerts, watching TV commercials, and playing card/board games.