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Registration Reimagined with Project Flex

Now this is registration! This webinar will give an overview of Cvent’s reimagined registration solution that is the result of Project Flex.

October Sessions:

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Hear first hand from our Project Flex experts…

Project Flex will provide a modern and innovative way for event planners to build, design, and manage their event websites and registration process. This webinar will walk you through the powerful new features that Project Flex will deliver to simplify creating and managing your events.

During this webinar we’ll provide:

  • an overview of Cvent's reimagined registration solution
  • a demonstration of Project Flex updates
  • and hear from a customer using Project Flex in our early adopter program

Featured Presenters

Joe Skiados

Nathan Chin

Project Flex Product Owner,

Nathan joined Cvent over seven and a half years ago as part of the Client Services team where he focused on supporting high-profile clients, complex event setups, and ecommerce. After a year with Client Services he transitioned to Product Management where he now leverages his technical aptitude and client experience to enhance the Event Management product. 

Joe Skiados

Gaby Kotlyar

Senior Systems & Tools Specialist, Meetings Management Team, Boston Scientific

Gaby Kotlyar is the Senior Systems & Tools Specialist for Boston Scientific’s Meetings Management team. After playing a lead role in the company’s successful global Cvent implementation, she took on the complex responsibility of Global Cvent System Administrator. Her role encompasses design, development, training, and troubleshooting for all things Cvent.