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How to Uncover New Business Opportunities Using a Competitive Set Dashboard

How can you take your hotel’s group business program to the next level and edge out your competition? The Cvent Competitive Set Dashboard allows you to identify future demand based on arrival date, market segment, peak room nights, booking window, and more. Join us for an overview of how to use the dashboard to uncover new business opportunities you may not have realized were out there.

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In this webinar, we will highlight:

  • How to identify demand in the future.
  • How to identify planners as future prospecting opportunities.
  • How a current client leveraged the Competitive Set Dashboard.

Featured Presenter

Joe Skiados

Carleigh Fagre

Senior Technical Sales Consultant , Cvent

Senior Technical Sales Consultant spearheading the Business Intelligence team for the Cvent Hospitality Cloud. Product specialist at the cornerstone of Cvent’s Business Intelligence solutions for our worldwide hotel chain and management company partners including Enterprise Dashboards, Competitive Set Dashboards, and Lead Scoring.