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Ready to face the upcoming surge in in-person events?

The much-awaited in-person events are finally back (and in full force)! But they come with new-found challenges: how do you find the perfect venue? How do you ensure contactless check-in? And how do you notify any last-minute changes to the event?

Watch this on-demand session to find out how Cvent’s In-Person Event Solutions have everything you need for delivering safe, dynamic, and powerful in-person events today.

Tune in to learn how to: 

  • Create an impactful event website with a built-in registration tool
  • Discover the perfect venue by sending eRFPs to 300,000 venues
  • Simplify check-in and badging using a QR code or a digital wallet
  • Keep your attendees engaged 24x7 via the Attendee Hub Event App