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The landscape of travel is constantly changing, and travel managers need to be prepared to keep up with those changes. With travel temporarily halted and market uncertainties at an all-time high, there are more challenges than ever when preparing for next year’s preferred hotel program.

You’re probably wondering, what are the benefits of sending an RFP? And how can an RFP work in my favor? There’s a lot that you should consider when beginning the sourcing process.

In this webinar, we want to arm you with top strategies as you enter this RFP sourcing season and share tips on how Cvent Business Transient can help by:

  • Allowing you to re-negotiate lower 2021 rates
  • Allowing you to work efficiently with hotels to get you vital information
  • Ensuring rate availability and accuracy
  • Allowing any adjustments to your hotel program

Plus, get insights into what changes hotels are predicting in the travel landscape provided by Cvent hospitality experts.

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