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Ever stand on a high dive trying to decide whether or not you want to plunge into the water? While weighing the decision to jump or not, so many thoughts run through your head. Will it hurt when I hit the water? Will the water be cold? Should I jump head or foot first? The world feels a little bit like that right now. As event professionals and marketers, we’re all standing on a high dive bouncing from one foot to the other trying to decide IF we should jump back into live, in-person events and HOW. We are all monitoring global health and economic conditions, how they are impacting our businesses, and what this means for your events program going forward.

First, solidarity – we’re all in this together. Second, let’s look at some trend data so that we can make informed decisions moving forward. When we last heard from Cvent’s CMO, Patrick Smith, we were in the midst of adapting our marketing and event programs to the radically changed environment. We’ve learned A LOT in the last couple of months, and as we’re evolving the event landscape looks different.

During this 30-minute session, Patrick will talk through the trends we’re seeing in the industry and how your event marketing programs will need to evolve for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Specifically, he’ll cover:

  • The convergence of digital and event marketing
  • The differences & similarities between virtual & in person events
  • Why hybrid (virtual + in person) events are emerging as a huge part of the future
  • How to re-think your venue strategy to account for health, safety, and social distancing

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If you missed Patrick’s first Real Talk session about how to ADAPT in the new normal, you can watch the recording here.