Planning Major Events

These are the questions you’ll be asking yourself when you’re planning a massive celebrity event like the 20th Anniversary Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala. And if you don’t have a solution in place to answer them, you’re going to have some equally massive problems. Luckily, Alex Santiago and her team at Inward Point could rely on Social Tables diagramming and seating tools for every step of the planning process.

In this webinar, we'll reveal:

  • How to seat VIPs when everyone is a VIP
  • How to ensure attendees have a luxury experience, even in remote settings that lack modern conveniences like air conditioning and WiFi
  • How to consolidate a dozen or more attendee lists without losing any attendee data or overwriting previous lists
  • And much more!


Join Us

Join Alex as she takes you onsite to the most challenging and ambitious event of her career, and recount how she made it all happen with Social Tables. Save your seat for our webinar—because you’ll come away with tips on how to manage all of your events like the most elite planners do.