Despite initially being billed as the “year of the comeback,” 2021 didn’t actually win many trophies. Like 2020, most of the year’s events came with restrictions and extensive caution; care was the order of the day.

There's a meetings and event evolution that comes with this emerging outlook: While 2020 and 2021 were mostly about virtual, 2022 is likely to be about delivering a smart mix of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

The rise of new and reimagined formats shows just how resilient the industry is, and also gives hotels and venues a tremendous opportunity to help change the face of the meetings and events industry.

And while no one knows what 2022 will bring, the best trend of all seems to be an irresistible march toward a “better normal,” where we all get back to the business of making in-person connections.

Here’s what you can expect at the webinar:

  • Recovery and Growth best practices
  • Selling the Event Experience
  • Insights on Planner Relationships
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