Hybrid events are a creative and exciting approach to meetings and one that is arguably re-shaping the event landscape for years to come.

But hybrid events have a lot of moving pieces, and hoteliers have a lot of questions about how they can sell and support planners as they execute these events: How can I host safe and successful hybrid meetings and events? How do I make my venue visible to hybrid event planners? In which channels should I be present so that they can find me? How do I attract the most resourceful hybrid planners? How do I stand out among other properties that are competing in the same space?

Through technology support, production expertise, and hospitality guidance, this is the moment to stand out to planners who are looking to organise hybrid events. Meet the moment with Cvent.

Watch our webinar to learn everything you need to know about helping planners create a powerful new approach to meetings and events.

In this webinar, you’ll learn to:

  • Make your hotel’s or venue’s hybrid capabilities stand out on the digital channels where planners are sourcing today.
  • Build strong, trustful business relationships and work with event planners and vendors with the support of smart, data-driven technology.
  • Determine the kinds of hybrid events your venue can support, what investments to make, and how to promote these capabilities to planners.
  • Equip your space with all of the technological necessities, from AV equipment to secure Wi-Fi.
  • Ask the right questions to every event supplier.
  • And so much more