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Over the past two years, the hospitality industry has disproportionately borne the brunt of the pandemic. Navigating the uncertainty, especially as Omicron surges into the new year, is a tall order. Some industry changes brought about by COVID-19, and our subsequent adaptations to this new normal, are here to stay. But there is good news. All signs are pointing to 2022 as not only a year of recovery for the industry, but a renaissance. People are less likely to venture out for run-of-the mill activities, presenting an opportunity for the hospitality industry to creatively reinvent events as we know them. After all, necessity is the mother of ingenuity.

This webinar was designed to help our community capitalize on the anticipated boom. Despite suffering a massive blow at the hands of the pandemic, our industry has met the moment. Now we need to work together to continue to elevate our performance as the moment expands into massive opportunity. Join us in discussing some key trends in our industry for 2022: Satisfying returning business travelers and seizing opportunities to flex our creative muscles in designing unique experiences will be vital in this hospitality rebirth.

This webinar will show you:

  • The ways in which COVID-19 has irrevocably changed hospitality and events
  • Tips to handle ever-changing local mask and vaccine regulations and best practices
  • How to best utilize technology and hybrid events to generate new business
  • Ways to optimize your venue for unexpected activities
  • How Cvent can support your virtual, hybrid, and in-person event needs
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