Hotels with the greatest amount of data transparency are the ones that lead the way through tough times – and toward new opportunities. It’s simple: to be able to monitor real-time group RFP data is to make the most of business during times of uncertainty, and to plan for better days ahead.

In this webinar we highlight five effective ways you can leverage group RFP data using the Cvent Competitive Set Dashboard.

At the end of the training you’ll know how to:

  • Monitor shifts in demand compared to your competitive set.
  • Analyze RFP response rate and compare sales performance metrics.
  • Forecast future demand to understand when to adjust staffing.
  • Track cancellations with the new Canceled RFPs filter.
  • Leverage planner data to prospect and fill cancellations (e.g., target local planners, specific groups sizes, and more).

One of the best ways to thrive during uncertain times is by learning how to leverage knowledge and data to achieve a greater understanding of the local group market.