Now is the perfect time to go back to basics and focus on the building blocks of a resilient meetings and events strategy. How do you recalibrate your group business approach to prepare for market resurgence – and meet the needs of planners who are currently sourcing events?

In this first webinar of our three-part series, we’ll present key takeaways from our updated group business marketing playbook. We’ll address how to stay resilient during an uncertain time and take it back to event planner basics so that you can understand how to meet their current and future needs. Whether it’s adjusting to the new “digital” normal for planners or working with destination marketing organizations to restore planner confidence, we’ll provide guidance on how to adapt now and prepare for the future.

We’ll review:

  • Real-life examples of hotels who are leading the way with resilient initiatives.
  • The different types of planners and their respective needs.
  • How to meet planner expectations in the new normal of meetings and events.
  • Ways to lean on Destination Marketing Organizations to attract future business.