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With the hospitality industry restarting group business, digital transformation is more critical than ever to business success. Hybrid events are a perfect example of how technology is driving meetings and events forward. The convergence of virtual event tech within an in-person event can more effectively bring us together, scale events affordably, and create safer meeting environments.

In this webinar, we’ll breakdown everything you need to know about facilitating this new type of event at your venue. We’ll talk about what hybrid events are and why they matter, give pointers on how to prepare and execute them, and even provide some real-world examples organizations that have excelled at actualizing them so far.

Join us as we cover the basics of hybrid events, including:

  • The best way to prepare technology infrastructure and capabilities.
  • How to market hybrid events to planners.
  • Catering to evolved planner needs at a new type of event.

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