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Adapting hospitality business to the new reality of meetings and events takes all hands: hoteliers, owners, management companies, and more. Efficiency and data-driven planning will be a priority while profitability is not a given. Where you place marketing dollars must be calculated carefully and proven with data insights.

In this webinar, we’ll address key areas of change we see emerging as the hospitality industry restarts and group and transient business pick up. From sourcing and RFPs to actual event management, we’ll provide critical insights that should help you consider how to strategize your marketing efforts to embrace market resurgence.

We’ll discuss key critical shifts that we anticipate in the events industry and how to adjust to the changing landscape, including:

  • Emphasis on hybrid or smaller local events.
  • Prioritization on health and safety at gatherings.
  • How to accommodate social distancing with effective communication and technology tools.
  • Partnering with destination marketing organizations to market your destination and venue.
  • …and more!

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