As the meetings and events industry restarts its engine, venue professionals are growing accustomed to a new normal business environment defined by social distancing requirements, continued restrictions on events, and travel limitations. To succeed in this world, venues will need to meet the shifting priorities of planners despite reduced budgets and smaller team sizes. In other words: you must do a lot more with a lot less.

Cvent Event Diagramming (formerly Social Tables) and Cvent Passkey will help you deliver the safe meetings that event planners need. In this webinar, we’ll arm you with actionable strategies that will help you maximize benefits as you restart the engine.

Key takeaways:

  • How to automate rooming list upload, decrease workload, improve accuracy and increase pickup
  • How to share latest news updates and changes to delegates
  • How to directly promote and sell room upgrades, extended stays, amenities, and packages to guests during the booking process
  • How to facilitate 3-D site visits and collaborate with event planners remotely and in real time