As group business continues to restart, the pressure is on to make up for 2020 cancellations and rebook for 2021. Budget season is here, and ownership is likely expecting you to contract more group business. Standing out among the competition is more important than ever.

With planners laser focused on safety guidelines and requirements as the nature of meetings shifts, they are actively seeking out venues that can safely host their events. How do you best communicate that your venue has the accommodations in place to meet regulations? Safety features must be front and center to attract planners and make them feel comfortable with choosing your venue.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to drive more group business by communicating safety. You’ll learn:

  • Critical adjustments venues are making to bring back planner confidence.
  • How safety communication can help attract more group business.
  • How Cvent can help you promote safety updates to actively sourcing planners.

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