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There’s no doubt about it: Hybrid events and new technology are changing the game for in-person, live events.

Safety remains a top concern for planners and attendees, but they’re not just looking for a venue; they’re looking to you to be a valuable partner.

How do you deliver innovative technology for both in-person and virtual audiences? How can you help planners make their meetings or events both safe and successful?

Get educated in the latest solutions with our webinar — Best of CONNECT: Delivering Safer, and Successful, In-Person Event Experiences.

This free On-Demand webinar is based on content from our CONNECT 2021 event — and more. Sign up and you’ll find:

  • How to respond to planners’ biggest concerns before they even ask
  • Expert advice on setting up your venue for success, from the people who have done it again and again
  • How to handle all aspects of a safer meeting or event

The in-person live events industry has changed. Prove your mettle and meet the moment with Cvent.