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Spend your day with Cvent and our Business Intelligence and CSN Productivity tools. No, seriously, grab some coffee in the morning, take a look at your schedule, and settle in for your day. Think about what tasks you have to do and how you normally go about doing them. It probably includes finding ways to bring in more group business, figuring out which RFPS your team should respond to first and how you’re pacing against your competitors.

Now, let us show you what that same day looks like when you have the help of our Competitive Set Dashboard, Planner Navigator, and Response Automation tools. With some help from the right technology, you can optimize your group pipeline process to save you time and show you insights you might not have known were available. This demo will show you how Cvent’s data and insights tools can help you stay competitive in your market—we’ll take you into the tool to show you all the great features you can access.

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