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Simplifying the booking process goes a long way with event planners—in fact, Cvent found that 85% of them prefer properties where they can book simple meetings directly and instantly. If you can streamline the process for planners, you’ll attract new interest and increase your meetings revenue. Provide this efficiency to your staff and event planners by ditching RFPs and enabling instant online booking with Instant Book. Minimal manual processes mean more events and less stress on your staff.

This demo will take you in depth into Cvent’s Instant Book capabilities. Learn more about this seamless, unified platform for effortless venue sourcing, booking, and guest room fulfillment designed for simple meetings. Without combing through RFPs, you team can secure simple meetings swiftly, easily fill need dates, and devote more time to complex events. Streamline your business and offer planners what they want for their simple meetings.

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