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Imagine you’re getting ready to buy a new vacuum. You’re more likely to buy the one with a 4-star rating from 400 people than the one with no reviews at all, right? Of course, because you know you’re likely getting a product that has been verified by real users—and the more reviews, the more trustworthy. That’s the logic we apply to our data, and why we solicited responses from over 500 event professionals for the 2023 Cvent Planner Sourcing Survey. With their insights, you can be confident that you’re getting the best information about what planners are thinking this year.

This webinar will cover the survey results, and show you how three major themes—technology fostering connection, rebuilding planner-supplier relationships, and exceptional experiences—are shaping the meetings and events industry right now. Meet the moment of change happening in hospitality right now, so make sure you know what your customer is looking for.

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