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The 2019 Global Planner Sourcing Report by Cvent revealed that the biggest influence on planners’ venue booking decision is event space and layout. So, are you showcasing the best of the event facilities your venue has to offer online? How about proving your event space meets your clients’ needs before you ever host a site visit?

Join this webinar where we'll reveal how you can leverage the Social Tables’ Event Sales Solution to increase qualified leads and drive direct revenue to your venue. Once you have that business, you can then collaborate with these planners using the Social Tables’ Event Services Solution to save time, boost revenue and drive loyalty.

We’ll cover how you can:

  • Get the most out of Social Tables’ core group of Event Services and Event Sales solutions.
  • Maximise the value of your Cvent venue profile and showcase your meeting space.
  • Provide planners benefits of a site visit — without a site visit!
  • Collaborate with planners on Cvent Supplier Network and win more business.

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