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Sourcing volume has been on the up and up and more markets across the US are starting to reopen and accelerate along their road to recovery. It is no secret that competition will be as fierce as ever as hotels and venues move at a rapid pace to secure incoming demand.

Do you want to know when to expect a pop in demand in your market and be prepared to capitalize? In this webinar, Jeffrey Emenecker, Senior Director of Analytics at Cvent, will discuss the importance of at-property group business intelligence, and how Cvent’s Competitive Set Dashboard will help you understand group demand, RFP response patterns, how your competition is doing, and how you can use that information to capitalize on your marketing and sales strategies.

We’ll go over how you can:

  • Analyze your future demand
  • Compare real-time data against your competitive set
  • Define your competitive pool and view aggregate performance data
  • Set custom thresholds and alerts if your property falls behind on important performance metrics
  • Use this data to optimize your marketing efforts