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Innovate, Improve and Impress with Event Tech

Join us for our exclusive webinar to see how organisations like yours are leveraging an event management platform to impress their clients, innovate their processes and improve their business.

Slot 1:
11am SGT/1pm AEST

Slot 2:
2:30pm IST/1pm GST/11am SAST

Wednesday, 12 June, 2019

Our expert speakers will show you how, with the right event tech, you can:

  • Become a trusted advisor and earn long term commitments to grow your business
  • Increase event attendance by 20%, enhance attendee experience and drive more revenue
  • Efficiently find venues, engage attendees and take your client’s events to the next level
  • Centralise data to negotiate better with hotels and give clients visibility into their events

Featured Presenters

Joe Skiados

Geetanjali Pandey

Marketing Lead, Event Solutions

Joe Skiados

Tuneer Malik

Marketing Lead, Event Solutions