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We all know that feeling of sheer panic that happens when our boss (or bosses’ boss) wants an update on the return we got from our last event. It’s not that your event didn’t succeed but putting success into terms an executive understands can be a challenge.

This webinar is a handy "Emergency Kit" for everyone in the meetings and events industry who deals with budgets and bottom lines and having to prove the value of their events. Even if you're pretty savvy already, or are just beginning to build out a strategy, this webinar will give you key takeaways you can use immediately. At the very least, it can serve to not only clear up the confusion surrounding how to prove the implicit value of your events, but also to provide a reference tool that the most effective of meeting and event professionals can turn to in times of need. Or emergency.

During the webinar we’ll cover:

  • How focusing on your brand and using the right data can prove event value.
  • How attendee experience impacts ROI.
  • How to tell your event retention story.
  • How to tie your events to pipeline and demonstrate ROI.

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