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Data security and compliance: Beyond the GDPR

Almost a year after the implementation of the GDPR, there are still elements of the regulation that marketers and event organisers need to understand, in order to fully protect attendee data. Are you able to spot a potential breach when it comes to your event data? Should the data be hosted in the country where attendees live or the place where you do business? Do you trust your suppliers to ensure their data policies and procedures are in-line with the GDPR?


These are just a few data compliance questions that, for many, remain largely unanswered and need to be addressed to ensure you are running events that comply with the data protection regulations in your region.

Join us for this webinar where we will discuss:

  • The affect GDPR has had on the way events are managed
  • Your role in data compliance as a data controller
  • Common data vulnerabilities in the event management process
  • Where your event data should live
  • Data compliance practices you should expect from your suppliers and partners

Featured Presenter

Joe Skiados

Felicia Asiedu

Content Marketing Manager, Cvent

Felicia has over 10 years’ sales and marketing experience in technology, having worked for a combination of managed hosting and data centre providers and SaaS-based technology companies. She is passionate about marketers pushing the boundaries of technology to make their lives easier whilst personalising experiences through both digital and offline channels.