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On-Demand Webinar

The Quest For Room Block Greatness

Empty Rooms, Reservation Errors, Huge Spreadsheets and hundreds of phone calls and emails. These pain points are felt across both the Hotelier and Event Organiser universe today. Cvent Introduces a simple Quest you can undertake to help you achieve Room Block Greatness.

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Vanquish your room block challenges

This webinar will take you through the common trials and challenges facing both the event organiser and hoteliers. Get the insights you need to raise your room block quest to the next level.

You will hear:

  • How to improve your partnerships with both Hoteliers and event organiser's.
  • How to resolve the most common trials facing the room block knights today.
  • How technology is giving valiant knights the tools they need to achieve the room block greatness they seek.

Featured Presenters

This webinar is presented from the dual perspective form both the hotelier and the event organiser via our subject matter experts from our Cvent team.

Featured Presenter

Joe Skiados

Chris Avery

Regional Vice President of Hospitality Cloud Sales

Joe Skiados

Laura Puglisi

Director of Venue Sourcing and Partnerships